OHA Drinking Water Services

OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 94489
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: Loss of Pressure
Area Affected: Partial - a leak in a distribution line caused a partial loss of pressure that affected 12 cabins.
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: Dec 01, 2022
Date Lifted: Dec 21, 2022
Contacted By: DOWNS, KENT (DWP)
Who Was Contacted: Corinne Schrode
Contact Phone: 541-469-7446
Details: 12.01.22-Corinne Schrode contacted me to report that the water system issued a boil water advisory on 11.30.2022. There was a leak in the distribution line that caused a loss of pressure. 15 privately owned cabins were affected (12 occupied cabins in U Section and 3 cabins in T Section). Rental cabins were closed, and the restaurant was not affected. The system did a door-to-door notification. They are in the process of locating and fixing the leak. Water samples will be collected, and the boil lifted when samples show absence of coliform contamination.

Update 12/02/2022:  Corinne reports that the leak in the line has been found and it should be repaired today. Samples will be collected on Monday morning since the lab is closed on the weekend.

Update 12/05/2022:  Corinne reported that the two leaks were fixed. However, a pump went out today and they had to fix that too. The system is back online now, but Corinne is planning to keep the boil posted until Wednesday, when they can verify pressure is back to normal and chlorine levels acceptable. At that point they plan to collect Special samples.

Update 12/15/2022:  Whaleshead DRC reported that the repairs to the distribution system going to the U section and sites T-15, 16 and 17 have been hampered by multiple factors: depth of the mainline (15 to 20 ft), multiple brakes possible, availability of suitable contractors and not having an up-to-date water distribution schematic. Whaleshead provided an up-date to the affected customers explaining the delays. Due to the excess loss of water, hauled water was brought from the City of Brookings PWS. The immediate course of action taken at this time is to require mandatory water conservation for sections on the upper WTP, limiting distribution to only a few hours per day, and running a temporary poly line partially buried.

Update 12/16/2022:  Corinne notified me that the leak has been found, repaired and lines flushed and disinfected. Rob will collect water samples on 12.19.2022

Lifted 12/21/2022:  Corinne reported that the boil water notice was lifted today. Test results for water samples show absence of bacterial contamination. All customers affected by the boil will be notified today. No further actions needed at this time.

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