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Maximum Daily Combined Filter Effluent (CFE) Turbidity (NTU)
DateNTU ResultsSample PointSample Point Nametop
10/31/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20220.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20220.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20220.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20220.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20220.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20220.10000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20220.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20220.10000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20220.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20220.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20220.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20220.88000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20220.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20220.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20220.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20220.05000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20220.01000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20220.16000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20220.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20220.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20220.84000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20220.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20220.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20220.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20220.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20220.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20220.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20220.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20220.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20220.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20220.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20220.09000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20220.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20220.16000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20220.93000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20220.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20220.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20220.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20220.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20220.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20220.14000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20220.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20220.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20220.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20220.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20220.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20220.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20220.56000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20220.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20220.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20220.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20220.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20220.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20220.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20220.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20220.07000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20220.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20220.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20220.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20220.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20220.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20220.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20220.45000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20220.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20220.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20220.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20220.74000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20220.85000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20220.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20220.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20220.85000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20220.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20220.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20220.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20220.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20220.85000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20220.76000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20220.83000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20220.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20220.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20220.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20220.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20220.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20220.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20220.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20220.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20220.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20220.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20220.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20220.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20220.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20220.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20220.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20220.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20220.88000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20220.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20220.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20220.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20220.56000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20220.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20220.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20220.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20220.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20220.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20220.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20220.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20220.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20220.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20220.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20220.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20220.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20220.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20220.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20220.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20220.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20220.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20220.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20220.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20220.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20220.88000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20220.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20220.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20220.75000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20220.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20220.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20220.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20220.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20210.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20210.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20210.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20210.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20210.67000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20210.56000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20210.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20210.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20210.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20210.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20210.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20210.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20210.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20210.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20210.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20210.84000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20210.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20210.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20210.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20210.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20210.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20210.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20210.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20210.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20210.78000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20210.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20210.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20210.83000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20210.67000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20210.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20210.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20210.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20210.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20210.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20210.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20210.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20210.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20210.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20210.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20210.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20210.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20210.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20210.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20210.67000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20210.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20210.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20210.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20210.67000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20210.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20210.75000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20210.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20210.74000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20210.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20210.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20210.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20210.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20210.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20210.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20210.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20210.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20210.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20210.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20210.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20210.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20210.68000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20210.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20210.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20210.73000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20210.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20210.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20210.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20210.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20211.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20210.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20210.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20210.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20210.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20210.12000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20210.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20210.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20210.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20210.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20210.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20210.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20210.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20210.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20210.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20210.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20210.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20210.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20210.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20210.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20210.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20210.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20210.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20210.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20210.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20210.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20210.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20210.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20210.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20210.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20210.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20210.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20210.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20210.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20210.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20210.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20210.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20210.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20210.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20210.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20210.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20210.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20210.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20210.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20210.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20210.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20210.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20210.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20210.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20210.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20210.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20210.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20210.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20210.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20210.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20210.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20210.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20210.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20210.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20210.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20210.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20200.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20200.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20200.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20200.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20200.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20200.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20200.87000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20200.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20200.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20200.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20200.77000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20200.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20200.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20200.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20200.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20200.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20200.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20200.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20200.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20200.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20200.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20200.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20200.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20200.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20200.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20200.13000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20200.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20200.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20200.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20200.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20200.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20200.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20200.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20200.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20200.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20200.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20200.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20200.74000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20200.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20200.13000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20200.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20200.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20201.00000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20200.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20200.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20200.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20200.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20200.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20200.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20200.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20200.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20200.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20200.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20200.45000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20200.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20200.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20200.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20200.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20200.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20200.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20200.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20200.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20200.16000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20200.12000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20200.12000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20200.14000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20200.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20200.12000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20200.13000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/29/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20200.16000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20200.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20200.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20200.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20200.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20200.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20200.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20200.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20200.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20200.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20200.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20200.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20200.15000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20200.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20200.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20200.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20200.13000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20200.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20200.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20200.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20200.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20200.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20200.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20200.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20200.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20200.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20190.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20190.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20190.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20190.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20190.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20190.38000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20190.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20190.20000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20190.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20190.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20190.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20190.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20190.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20190.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20190.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20190.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20190.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20190.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20190.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20190.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20190.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20190.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20190.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20190.56000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20190.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20190.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20190.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20190.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20190.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20190.45000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20190.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20190.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20190.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20190.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20190.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20190.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20190.28000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20190.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20190.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20190.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20190.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20190.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20190.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20190.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20190.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20190.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20190.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20190.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20190.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20190.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20190.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20190.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20190.26000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20190.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20190.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20190.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20190.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20190.34000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20190.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20190.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20190.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20190.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20190.24000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20190.27000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20190.03000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20190.17000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20190.29000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20190.23000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20190.14000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20190.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20190.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20190.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20190.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20190.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20190.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20190.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20190.48000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20190.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20190.42000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20190.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20190.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20190.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20190.46000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20190.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20190.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20190.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20190.53000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20190.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20190.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20190.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20190.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20190.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20190.76000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20190.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20190.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20190.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20190.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20190.76000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20190.78000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20190.84000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20190.76000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20190.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20190.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20190.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20190.74000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20190.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20190.65000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20190.63000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20190.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20190.61000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20190.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20190.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20190.62000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20190.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20190.84000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20190.92000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20190.95000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20190.85000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20190.95000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20190.93000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20190.84000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20190.85000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20190.69000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20190.56000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20190.87000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20190.93000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20190.92000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20190.86000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20190.88000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20190.99000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20190.49000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20190.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20190.36000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20190.55000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20190.47000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20190.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20190.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20190.33000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20190.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20190.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20190.39000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20190.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20190.58000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20190.66000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20190.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20190.79000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20190.51000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20190.44000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20190.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20190.72000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20190.78000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20190.83000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20190.81000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20190.67000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20190.93000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20190.98000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20191.01000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20191.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20190.96000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20190.97000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20191.00000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20190.98000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20190.98000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20190.90000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20190.91000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20191.00000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20191.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20191.11000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20191.21000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20191.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20191.01000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20191.00000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20191.01000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20190.80000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20190.82000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20190.89000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20190.54000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20190.50000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20190.41000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20191.04000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20190.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20190.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20191.52000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20191.74000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20192.09000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20191.83000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20192.18000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20192.32000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20192.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20192.57000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20192.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20192.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20194.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20193.00000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20194.01000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20194.19000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20191.07000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20191.25000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20191.22000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20191.43000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20191.30000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20191.64000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20191.71000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20191.70000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20191.08000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20191.05000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20191.35000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20191.40000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20191.37000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20191.60000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20192.59000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20192.31000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20192.92000      WTP-ATP FOR DUG WELLS (UNAPPROVED)
DateNTU ResultsSample PointSample Point Nametop
10/31/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20220.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20220.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20220.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20220.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20220.79000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20220.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20220.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20220.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20220.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20220.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20220.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20220.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20220.05000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20220.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20220.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20220.79000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20220.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20220.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20220.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20220.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20220.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20220.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20220.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20220.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20220.92000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20220.15000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20220.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20220.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20220.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20220.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20220.14000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20220.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20220.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20220.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20220.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20220.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20220.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20220.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20220.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20220.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20220.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20220.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20220.08000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20220.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20220.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20220.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20220.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20220.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20220.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20220.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20220.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20220.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20220.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20220.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20220.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20220.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20220.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20220.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20220.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20220.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20220.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20220.85000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20220.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20220.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20220.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20220.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20220.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20220.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20220.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20220.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20220.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20220.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20220.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20220.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20220.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20220.87000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20220.76000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20220.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20220.79000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20220.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20220.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20220.66000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20220.66000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20220.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20220.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20220.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20220.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20220.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20220.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20220.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20220.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20220.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20220.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20220.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20220.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20220.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20220.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20220.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20220.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20220.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20220.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20220.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20220.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20220.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20220.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20220.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20220.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20220.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20220.76000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20220.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20220.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20220.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20220.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20220.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20220.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20220.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20220.78000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20220.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20220.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20220.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20220.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20220.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20220.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20210.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20210.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20210.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20210.74000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20210.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20210.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20210.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20210.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20210.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20210.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20210.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20210.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20210.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20210.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20210.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20210.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20210.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20210.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20210.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20210.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20210.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20210.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20210.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20210.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20210.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20210.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20210.07000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20210.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20210.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20210.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20210.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20210.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20210.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20210.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20210.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20210.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20210.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20210.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20210.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20210.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20210.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20210.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20210.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20210.89000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20210.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20210.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20210.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20210.82000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20210.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20210.86000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20210.85000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20210.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20210.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20210.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20210.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20210.69000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20210.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20210.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20210.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20210.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20210.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20210.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20210.12000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20210.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20210.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20210.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20210.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20210.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20210.86000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20210.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20210.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20210.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20210.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20210.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20210.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20210.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20210.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20210.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20210.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20210.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20210.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20210.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20210.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20210.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20210.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20210.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20210.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20210.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20210.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20210.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20210.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20210.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20210.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20210.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20210.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20210.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20210.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20210.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20210.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20210.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20210.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20210.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20210.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20210.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20210.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20210.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20210.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20210.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20210.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20210.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20210.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20210.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20210.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20210.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20210.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20210.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20210.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20210.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20210.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20210.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20210.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20210.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20210.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20210.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20200.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20200.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20200.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20200.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20200.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20200.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20200.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20200.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20200.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20200.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20200.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20200.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20200.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20200.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20200.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20200.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20200.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20200.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20200.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20200.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20200.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20200.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20200.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20200.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20200.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20200.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20200.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20200.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20200.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20200.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20200.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/23/20200.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/22/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/21/20200.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20200.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20200.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20200.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20200.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20200.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20200.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20200.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20200.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20200.75000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20200.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20200.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20200.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20200.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20200.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20200.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20200.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20200.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20200.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20200.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20200.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20200.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20200.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20200.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20200.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20200.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20200.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20200.13000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20200.12000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20200.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20200.13000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20200.16000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20200.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20200.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20200.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/29/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20200.14000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20200.17000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20200.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20200.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20200.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/07/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/06/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/05/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/04/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/03/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/02/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/01/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/31/20200.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/30/20200.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/29/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/28/20200.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/27/20200.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/26/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/25/20200.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/24/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/23/20200.15000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/22/20200.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/21/20200.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/20/20200.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/19/20200.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/18/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/17/20200.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/16/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/15/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/14/20200.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/13/20200.15000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/12/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/11/20200.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/10/20200.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/09/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/08/20200.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/07/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/06/20200.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/05/20200.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/04/20200.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/03/20200.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/02/20200.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
01/01/20200.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/31/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/30/20190.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/29/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/28/20190.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/27/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/26/20190.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/25/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/24/20190.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/23/20190.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/22/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/21/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/20/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/19/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/18/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/17/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/16/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/15/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/14/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/13/20190.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/12/20190.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/11/20190.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/10/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/09/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/08/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/07/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/06/20190.05000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/05/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/04/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/03/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/02/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
12/01/20190.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/30/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/29/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/28/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/27/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/26/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/25/20190.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/24/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/23/20190.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/22/20190.21000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/21/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/20/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/19/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/18/20190.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/17/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/16/20190.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/15/20190.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/14/20190.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/13/20190.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/12/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/11/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/10/20190.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/09/20190.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/08/20190.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/07/20190.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/06/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/05/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/04/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/03/20190.46000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/02/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
11/01/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/31/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/30/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/29/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/28/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/27/20190.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/26/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/25/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/24/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/23/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/22/20190.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/21/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/20/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/19/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/18/20190.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/17/20190.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/16/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/15/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/14/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/13/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/12/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/11/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/10/20190.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/09/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/08/20190.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/07/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/06/20190.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/05/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/04/20190.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/03/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/02/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
10/01/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/30/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/29/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/28/20190.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/27/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/26/20190.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/25/20190.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/24/20190.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/23/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/22/20190.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/21/20190.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/20/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/19/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/18/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/17/20190.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/16/20190.42000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/15/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/14/20190.37000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/13/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/12/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/11/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/10/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/09/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/08/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/07/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/06/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/05/20190.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/04/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/03/20190.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/02/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
09/01/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/31/20190.28000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/30/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/29/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/28/20190.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/27/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/26/20190.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/25/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/24/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/23/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/22/20190.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/21/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/20/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/19/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/18/20190.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/17/20190.19000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/16/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/15/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/14/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/13/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/12/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/11/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/10/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/09/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/08/20190.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/07/20190.32000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/06/20190.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/05/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/04/20190.23000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/03/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/02/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
08/01/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/31/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/30/20190.95000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/29/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/28/20190.38000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/27/20190.24000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/26/20190.22000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/25/20190.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/24/20190.49000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/20/20190.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/19/20190.66000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/18/20190.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/17/20190.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/16/20190.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/15/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/14/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/13/20190.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/12/20190.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/11/20190.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/10/20190.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/09/20190.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/08/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/07/20190.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/06/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/05/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/04/20190.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/03/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/02/20190.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
07/01/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/30/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/29/20190.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/28/20190.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/27/20190.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/26/20190.78000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/25/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/24/20190.68000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/23/20190.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/22/20190.76000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/21/20190.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/20/20190.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/19/20190.62000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/18/20190.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/17/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/16/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/15/20190.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/14/20190.73000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/13/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/12/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/11/20190.48000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/10/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/09/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/08/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/07/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/06/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/05/20190.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/04/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/03/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/02/20190.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
06/01/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/31/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/30/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/29/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/28/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/27/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/26/20190.35000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/25/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/24/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/23/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/22/20190.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/21/20190.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/20/20190.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/19/20190.88000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/18/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/17/20190.89000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/16/20190.93000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/15/20190.40000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/14/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/13/20190.20000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/12/20190.34000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/11/20190.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/10/20190.43000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/09/20190.39000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/08/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/07/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/06/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/05/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/04/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/03/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/02/20190.27000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
05/01/20190.31000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/30/20190.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/29/20190.81000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/28/20190.44000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/27/20190.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/26/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/25/20190.41000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/24/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/23/20190.57000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/22/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/21/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/20/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/19/20190.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/18/20190.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/17/20190.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/16/20190.71000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/15/20190.83000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/14/20190.66000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/13/20190.78000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/12/20190.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/11/20190.97000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/10/20191.00000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/09/20191.09000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/08/20190.74000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/07/20190.64000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/06/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/05/20190.98000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/04/20191.09000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/03/20191.45000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/02/20190.93000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
04/01/20190.85000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/31/20190.95000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/30/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/29/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/28/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/27/20190.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/26/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/25/20190.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/24/20190.54000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/23/20190.59000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/22/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/21/20190.56000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/20/20190.74000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/19/20190.47000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/18/20190.18000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/17/20190.25000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/16/20190.72000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/15/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/14/20190.36000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/13/20191.10000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/12/20190.29000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/11/20190.26000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/10/20190.33000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/09/20190.52000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/08/20191.06000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/07/20190.30000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/06/20191.13000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/05/20191.10000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/04/20190.97000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/03/20191.12000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/02/20191.08000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
03/01/20191.01000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/28/20190.78000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/27/20190.67000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/26/20190.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/25/20190.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/24/20190.61000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/23/20190.65000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/22/20190.53000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/21/20190.58000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/20/20190.63000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/19/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/18/20190.76000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/17/20190.93000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/16/20190.77000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/15/20190.80000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/14/20190.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/13/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/12/20190.50000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/11/20190.60000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/10/20190.70000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/09/20190.51000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)
02/08/20190.55000      WTP-BTP FOR SPRINGS (UNAPPROVED)

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