OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 90595
Who Was Contacted: Chad Holloway
Contact Phone: 503-392-3194 ext 144 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 08/25/2022
Contacted By: HOFELD, EVAN (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Lead or Copper
Details: A conference call was held 8-25-22 with Chad Holloway (Nestucca Valley Elem), Jaime Craig (Tillamook Co), and Evan Hofeld (OHA-DWS), and Brad Daniels (OHA-DWS) to discuss the status of efforts to resolve a lead and copper action level exceedances from Sept 2021 and a bilateral compliance agreement (BCA) for disinfection byproduct (DPB) level exceedances in 2022.

Re. DBPs: The system is looking into orthophosphate as an alternative oxidant for their current chlorine oxidant & greensand iron/manganese filtration system to help lower the predominantly brominated disinfection byproducts. The BCA was finalized 8-30-22 and requires full compliance by 1-10-24.

Re. Lead and copper: Upon completing the school reconstruction and new greensand filtration system under PR 187-2022 their 1st 6-month round of lead and copper in Sept 2021 exceeded lead and copper action levels. A contact report from 10/15/21 documents initial actions. The school was issued a written notice of violation (dated 10/21/21) which included a schedule and steps needed to achieve compliance (see schedule online at: https://yourwater.oregon.gov/enforce.php?pwsno=90595). After the initial exceedance, they confirmed with their contractor that lead free fixtures and components were used in the school reconstruction. They also cleaned sink aerators (which were full of debris) and flushed the system. They concluded that the system had not been adequately flushed after construction. Two subsequent rounds of lead and copper tap sampling completed in Jan and Aug 2022 show results were well below the lead and copper action levels. Although the last two 6-month rounds appear to demonstrate compliance, per requirements in their existing compliance schedule, on August 30, 2022, the school submitted a letter dated 8/28/22 with a plan to install corrosion control treatment by 6/30/24 should the next 6-month round of lead and copper sampling exceed action levels.
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