OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 95127
Who Was Contacted: MARK HAGLUND
Contact Phone: -- (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 05/06/2020
Contact Method/Location: Email
Reasons: Operations
Details: 05.06.2020 The operator, Mr. Haglund, informed me that the City of Brookings received approval to drill a new well at Salmon Run Golf Course and this has already been completed. A new housing for the UV system was provided, but they are still working on the plumbing and electrical installation. The current holding tank is going to be moved and an additional holding tank is already in-place. The current holding tank will retain its pump, while the new holding tank will be tied into the current holding tank.

The City is planning to move forward, this Friday (May 8, 2020), with a complete hook-up of the new well and UV reactor. Jacobs Engineering will transfer the UV system and install it the same way it was in the old building. There are two new features they plan to install on the UV system.

First: add a breaker switch that will allow the operator to turn off the UV bulbs at the same time. The operator explained that the new breaker will be a bridge between the two UV bulbs. The expectation is that this will allow for easier, more efficient, and safer maintenance of the system.

Secound: Add another set of UV filters. This will allow the system to run set of filters while the other is down for maintenance and not have to stop supplying water for the short period it took to clean/change filters.

The operator will post boil water advisory due to loss of pressure that will remain until the system is back on-line, distribution lines are flushed and water sample test result comes back negative for Coliform bacteria.

03.20.20 - Mr. Haglund informed me that Bandon Well is recommending a new well as a long term fix based on past well issues and evaluations. Brookings'Public Works and Developmental Services manager, Mr. Tony Baron, informed Mr. Haglund that nothing yet has been diced with the Salmon Run well and that decision is being worked on. Bac-T result was collected yesterday. Mr. Haglund will email me the results.
Associated Violations: Viol #900345750, 03/01/2020 - 03/31/2020: GWR - Failure to Maintain 4-log Treatment  See also: 06/16/2020, 06/01/2020

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