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Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 94489
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Victor Lindsay (541) 778-6108
Contact Date: 09/04/2015
Contacted By: HOFELD, EVAN (REGION 1)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Coliform
Details: SUMMARY: E-coli positive source assessment sample DETAILS: At 5:01 PM DWS received a fax for an E. coli positive source assessment sample taken 9/3/15 from Top Well #2 (SRC-AA). I called and spoke to Victor Lindsay (541-778-6108) and let him know that he needed to take 5 confirmation samples from the source as soon as possible. He said he would not be able to take them until Tuesday. He said he had never had a problem with the well, which was unusually low this time of year. He said his distribution system sample came back clean (taken on the same day) and his residual was around 1.9 to 2 mg/l, which he measured today. I spoke to him about us not having his system down as having 4-log viral disinfection (just residual maintenance), and that some systems will do a precautionary boil water notice (technically this is not a confirmed e-coli sample result). He said he thought his disinfection system was working fine and did not seem to understand how the residual he maintains would not be considered full disinfection. He said the last time they had a positive sample he was instructed to shock chlorinate the system and then resample. I tried to explain the difference between residual maintenance and full 4.0-log viral disinfection, but I think this will need further follow-up with Curry County. ACTION NEEDED: System to take 5 source assessment samples as soon as possible. Curry County staff to follow-up regarding further evaluation of the well and advice based on the results of the 5 assessment samples.
Associated Alerts: COLI14631 - 09/04/2015 - COLIFORM (TCR) , E. COLI

COLI14631 - 09/04/2015 - COLIFORM (TCR) , E. COLI

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