ND = Not Detected at the Minimum Reporting Level; View Gross Alpha, Radium, & Uranium

Radionuclide Samples - PWS ID: 00100 ---- BEND WATER DEPARTMENT
Chemical Source ID Results MCL UOM
908082201-R08/07/1910/11/19GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-GND15.0000PCI/L
908083201-R08/07/1910/07/19COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-HND 5.0000PCI/L
90808320108/07/1910/07/19COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-HND 0.0300MG/L
908083201-R08/07/1910/07/19GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-HND15.0000PCI/L
B9H070401-R08/07/1910/07/19COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-IND 5.0000PCI/L
80802140108/01/1809/11/18COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-DND 5.0000PCI/L
808021401-R08/01/1809/11/18COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-DND 0.0300MG/L
80802140108/01/1809/11/18GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-DND15.0000PCI/L
80802160108/01/1809/11/18COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-END 5.0000PCI/L
808021601-R08/01/1809/11/18COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-END 0.0300MG/L
80802160108/01/1809/11/18GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-END15.0000PCI/L
80802150108/01/1809/11/18COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-FND 5.0000PCI/L
808021501-R08/01/1809/11/18COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-FND 0.0300MG/L
80802150108/01/1809/11/18GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-FND15.0000PCI/L
1724757-R05/10/1706/08/17COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-BND 5.0000PCI/L
172475705/10/1706/08/17COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-BND 0.0300MG/L
1724757-R05/10/1706/08/17GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-BND15.0000PCI/L
1724558-R05/09/1706/08/17COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
172455805/09/1706/08/17COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
1724558-R05/09/1706/08/17GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-AND15.0000PCI/L
1724568-R05/09/1706/08/17COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-CND 5.0000PCI/L
172456805/09/1706/08/17COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-CND 0.0300MG/L
1724568-R05/09/1706/08/17GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-CND15.0000PCI/L
172456805/09/1706/08/17GROSS BETA PARTICLE ACTIVITY (EPA 4100)EP-CND50.0000PCI/L
14060971001-R06/03/1404/26/16COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-G1.3000000 5.0000PCI/L
14060971001-R06/03/1404/26/16COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-GND 0.0300MG/L
130812601-R05/28/1306/10/13COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-B2.4600000 5.0000PCI/L
130812601-R05/28/1306/10/13GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-B3.870000015.0000PCI/L
130812602-R05/28/1306/10/13COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-CND 5.0000PCI/L
130812602-R05/28/1306/10/13GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-CND15.0000PCI/L
B2L060201-R12/05/1202/04/13COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-H0.8000000 5.0000PCI/L
B2L060201-R12/05/1202/04/13COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-HND 0.0300MG/L
B2L060201-R12/05/1202/04/13GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-HND15.0000PCI/L
B2L060202-R12/05/1202/04/13COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-I0.8000000 5.0000PCI/L
B2L060202-R12/05/1202/04/13COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-IND 0.0300MG/L
B2L060202-R12/05/1202/04/13GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-IND15.0000PCI/L
B2E100601-R05/09/1206/22/12COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-END 5.0000PCI/L
B2E100601-R05/09/1206/22/12GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-END15.0000PCI/L
B2E100602-R05/09/1206/22/12GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-GND15.0000PCI/L
B1F011001-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-DND 5.0000PCI/L
B1F011001-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-DND 0.0300MG/L
B1F011001-R06/01/1107/30/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-DND15.0000PCI/L
B1F011002-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-F0.9000000 5.0000PCI/L
B1F011002-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-FND 0.0300MG/L
B1F011002-R06/01/1107/30/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-FND15.0000PCI/L
B1F011003-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-JND 5.0000PCI/L
B1F011003-R06/01/1107/30/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-JND 0.0300MG/L
B1F011003-R06/01/1107/30/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-JND15.0000PCI/L
C11050419001-R05/09/1107/08/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
C11050419001-R05/09/1107/08/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
C11050419001-R05/09/1107/08/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-AND15.0000PCI/L
B9L17130112/17/0901/27/10COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
B9L17130212/17/0901/27/10COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-G1.4000000 5.0000PCI/L
B9L17120112/17/0901/27/10COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-I1.0000000 5.0000PCI/L
B9L17120112/17/0901/27/10COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-IND 0.0300MG/L
B9L17120212/17/0901/27/10COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-JND 5.0000PCI/L
B9L17120212/17/0901/27/10GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-JND15.0000PCI/L
C0909049600109/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-BND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600209/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-CND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600309/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-END 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600409/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-FND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600509/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-GND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600609/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-GND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600709/09/0910/29/09COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-I1.1000000 5.0000PCI/L
C0909049600709/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-IND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600809/09/0910/29/09COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-J0.9000000 5.0000PCI/L
C0909049600809/09/0910/29/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-JND 0.0300MG/L
C0909049600809/09/0910/29/09GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-JND15.0000PCI/L
C09060664001-R06/11/0904/13/12COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-FND 5.0000PCI/L
C09060664001-R06/11/0904/13/12COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-FND 0.0300MG/L
C09060664001-R06/11/0904/13/12GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-FND15.0000PCI/L
C0905067600105/18/0906/18/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-JND 0.0300MG/L
C09010955001-R01/26/0903/31/09COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-I1.1000000 5.0000PCI/L
C09010955001-R01/26/0903/31/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-IND 0.0300MG/L
C09010955001-R01/26/0903/31/09GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-IND15.0000PCI/L
C09010955002-R01/26/0903/31/09COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-J0.0700000 5.0000PCI/L
C09010955002-R01/26/0903/31/09COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-JND 0.0300MG/L
C09010955002-R01/26/0903/31/09GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-J0.001000015.0000PCI/L
C0610099500110/18/0612/26/06COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)SRC-DGND 5.0000PCI/L
C0610099500110/18/0612/26/06COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)SRC-DGND 0.0300MG/L
C0610099500110/18/0612/26/06GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)SRC-DGND15.0000PCI/L
12311/24/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)WTP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
12311/24/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)WTP-AND15.0000PCI/L
F5CERR11/18/0301/26/04COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-G1.0300000 5.0000PCI/L
C311065-01R11/18/0302/12/04COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-G1.0300000 5.0000PCI/L
F5CERR11/18/0301/26/04COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-G0.0001300 0.0300MG/L
C311065-01R11/18/0302/12/04COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-G0.0001300 0.0300MG/L
F5CERR11/18/0301/26/04GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-GND15.0000PCI/L
C311065-01R11/18/0302/12/04GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-GND15.0000PCI/L
J3K21011811/18/0301/26/04COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-HND 5.0000PCI/L
J3K21011811/18/0301/26/04COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-H0.0001600 0.0300MG/L
J3K21011811/18/0301/26/04GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-HND15.0000PCI/L
211/01/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)WTP-BND15.0000PCI/L
F0QTQR09/17/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-BND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QTQR09/17/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-B0.0002100 0.0300MG/L
F0QTQR09/17/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-BND15.0000PCI/L
F0QTJR09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QTJR09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-A0.0000230 0.0300MG/L
F0QTJR09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-AND15.0000PCI/L
F0QTWR09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-CND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QTWR09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-C0.0001340 0.0300MG/L
F0QTWR09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-CND15.0000PCI/L
F0QT1R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-DND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QT1R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-DND 0.0300MG/L
F0QT1R09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-DND15.0000PCI/L
F0QT4R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-END 5.0000PCI/L
F0QT4R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-E0.0002020 0.0300MG/L
F0QT4R09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-END15.0000PCI/L
F0QT6R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-FND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QT6R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-F0.0001170 0.0300MG/L
F0QT6R09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-FND15.0000PCI/L
F0QT7R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-GND 5.0000PCI/L
F0QT7R09/16/0311/28/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-G0.0001230 0.0300MG/L
F0QT7R09/16/0311/28/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-GND15.0000PCI/L
C209098-1R09/24/0201/10/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-D0.9900000 5.0000PCI/L
C209098-1R09/24/0201/10/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-D0.0000160 0.0300MG/L
C209098-1R09/24/0201/10/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-D1.000000015.0000PCI/L
C209098-1R09/24/0201/10/03GROSS BETA PARTICLE ACTIVITY (EPA 4100)EP-D3.070000050.0000PCI/L
Archived Results
Chemical Source ID Results MCL
12/21/0102/22/02Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBBND15.0000
01/03/0102/01/01Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAND15.0000
01/03/0102/01/01Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UEND15.0000
11/22/9912/29/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDBND15.0000
11/22/9912/29/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UFBND15.0000
09/16/9911/10/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCND15.0000
06/10/9807/10/98Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDAND15.0000
07/01/9707/25/97Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBND15.0000
07/01/9707/25/97Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UFND15.0000
04/09/9606/06/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UFND15.0000
04/08/9605/10/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA2.000000015.0000
04/08/9605/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA2.000000015.0000
04/08/9605/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA2.000000015.0000
04/08/9605/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA1.000000015.0000
04/08/9605/10/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UB2.000000015.0000
04/08/9605/10/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UE1.000000015.0000
07/20/9510/13/95Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCCND15.0000
06/27/9402/09/95Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCB0.056100015.0000
02/02/9402/09/95Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDA1.480000015.0000
07/27/9312/30/94Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCBND15.0000
08/04/9202/09/95Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCB0.200000015.0000
08/04/9209/17/92Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UE0.300000015.0000
03/17/9205/13/92Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UE0.800000015.0000
09/25/9104/24/92Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA0.100000015.0000
09/25/9112/16/91Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UE0.100000015.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA0.100000015.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Beta Particle ActivityA3.400000050.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UB0.300000015.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Beta Particle ActivityB6.600000050.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBB0.100000015.0000
06/25/9008/10/90Gross Beta Particle ActivityBB1.500000050.0000
09/29/8710/12/87Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UE0.800000015.0000
11/18/8612/05/86Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAND15.0000

A blank or a 0 in the MCL column indicates that a MCL has not been set for that chemical.

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