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OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 00982
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: E. coli, Confirmed at GW Source Without Treatment
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: May 25, 2022
Date Lifted: May 27, 2022
Who Was Contacted: Jason Carman (RCAC) and Donna Holdridge
Contact Phone: 458-221-3473
Details: A source water sample at Well #1 tested positive for e. coli on 5/24/2022. Jason Carman from RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation) assists with operations for Deer Island Village MHP, and was unable to find an RCAC representative who could collect the 5 confirmation source samples within the 24 hour period, so Jason initiated the Boil Water Notice for the system. The public information document for the Boil Notice will be distributed to all users of the systems water, Jason says.

Lifted 05/27/2022:  The Boil Water Notice for Deer Island Village MHP is being lifted this afternoon for the following reasons: all 5 Confirmation source samples at Well #1 tested negative for e. coli, and the Distribution (DIST-A) special sample tested negative for total coliform and e. coli. However, plans to disinfect the well and collect 3 special samples at Well 1 and one special sample in Distribution are being planned for early next week.

Associated Alerts: COLI22130 - 05/24/2022 - COLIFORM (TCR) , E. COLI  See also: 05/26/2022, 05/26/2022, 05/26/2022, 05/25/2022, 05/25/2022, 05/24/2022

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