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Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 00690
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: E. coli, Confirmed at GW Source Without Treatment
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: Nov 09, 2023
Date Lifted: Nov 20, 2023
Who Was Contacted: Mac McDonald
Contact Phone: 503-556-8582
Details: On November 9, 2023 it was determined that 2 of the 5 confirmation samples collected at Goble Water Association #41-00690 tested positive for e. coli, meaning that e. coli is considered confirmed at the source. I called Mac McDonald, leaving a message about the next steps, how a Boil Water Notice has been initiated for the water system, to be sent to all users of the systems water within 24 hours. I also listed the different options the system may use for corrective action: A. correct deficiencies, B. disconnect source from water system and use alternate source (if available and approved for use), C. eliminate the source of contamination, or D. Provide treatment achieving 4-log (99.99) inactivation of viruses. The water system does chlorinate for residual maintenance but 4-log inactivation has not been demonstrated/documented yet. - Update: I spoke with Mac, who provided me a current email address, and I sent the Boil Water Notice template and list of corrective action options. Mac says he plans on voluntarily collecting 5 additional Confirmation samples as well. Mac said he believes the source of contamination was due to the springbox not being secured watertight enough at the time prior to sampling, and the line not being properly flushed long enough or shut off properly when collecting samples at the source, leading to the positive confirmation sample results.

Update 11/17/2023:  I called and spoke with Mac who told me that as of Monday 11/13, they flushed the line connected to the springbox at the source, and then re-collected 5 additional "confirmation" source samples on 11/13 which Mac says all came back as negative for both e. coli and total coliform. If those results were forwarded to DWS, they will be posted on Data Online/SDWIS soon.

Lifted 11/20/2023:  On November 13, 2023, five additional Confirmation Source water samples taken at the Spring Box were collected, all five sample results came back negative for both e. coli and total coliform. I called and spoke with Mac McDonald on November 20th. The source of contamination was not removed during the first round of confirmation samples, from November 8, 2023, which included e. coli positive results. The source of contamination is considered to be removed during the second round of 5 confirmation samples on November 13, 2023, as the line connected to the Spring Box was flushed prior to this recent set of Confirmation samples, all which tested negative for e. coli and total coliform. Boil Notice has been lifted as of 11/20/23.

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